Returning Home from Rehab

Returning Home from Rehab

Congratulations! You are doing great. You are ready to leave the nursing care and rehabilitation facility to go home. The transition to the community is another phase of your recovery. Just like when you needed the assistance of the staff in the rehabilitation center in order to learn how to walk independently, you will need the support of a Community Integration Counselor when returning home. Without the  support of a Community Integration Counselor, adjusting to living with a traumatic brain injury can become a major challenge.

Community Integration Counseling Services (CIC) are designed to help you manage emotional difficulties that can arise from living in the community. Counseling services are provided in the comfort of your own home or in the community where the best possible outcome can be achieved. The counselor can help you in relation to your other family members and friends.

“My wife still sees me as the man she married. What I used to do in 10 minutes now takes me an hourThis is on a good day. Sometimes I don’t get to finish at all. This very frustrating for the both of us. She used to get so upset and angry that she stopped speaking to me. My counselor has help us to accept that I am not the same man anymore and to find new ways to do things.”     — Steven, Mt. Kisco, NY

“I was so happy when I got home. One day I forgot and left the stove on and it caused a fire in the apartment. My Service Coordinator said that I needed Aides to help me cook and be safe. I agreed to have the Aides, but these Aides started to take my stuff, eat my food and drink my juice without asking. This made me so upset and angry. But I could not bring myself to tell them. I did not want to offend anyone or lose the service. One day, my counselor asked me how I was doing. I just let it out! My counselor spoke with me and helped me learn how to express myself without losing temper.  I got the Service Coordinator to tell the agency to talk to their staff. The agency spoke with their staff and also reimbursed me for the food items.    — James, Westchester, NY 

At Alliance Services for TBI, the Community Integration Counseling Program is specifically designed to meet your needs.  Whether you are just getting discharged from rehabilitation or already in the community, the counselors offer assistance, support, and counseling which will ease your stress in order to re-integrate into the community following a traumatic brain injury.

If you are interested in learning more about the Community Integration Counseling (CIC) Program contact   Alliance Services for TBI  at   866-915-7837.  

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