​INDEPENDENCE, how do I get it back?

​INDEPENDENCE, how do I get it back?

Independence is possible again! To get it back, you need to go to basics.

Back to Basics

When you were a baby everybody supported you when it was time for you to take your first step. When you started to walk they cheered you on. When you fell, they picked you up. Eventually, you built the strength and confidence to take a few steps on your own and then you started to walk independently. Recovering from TBI is very similar.

The Key is Support 

Having supportive people around is very important. They will cheer you on and when you fall they will help to pick you up.

At Alliance Services for TBI we will support you every step of the way. We give you the tools needed to build your confidence and overcome the challenges to become as independent as possible.

At first it was very difficult to accept the help and I did not see my mistakes. I almost burned the house twice because I forget to turn off the stove. When I decided to allow them to help me things became easier and I was able to do more for myself.”   -Maxi P., White Plains, NY

What is the Independent Living Skills Training Program?

The Independent Living Skills Training Program is a program that is individually designed to help TBI survivors meet their goals. Sessions occur one on one in the environment where the best possible outcome can be achieved. The program starts with an assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Then, a detailed goal plan is developed to help you establish and achieve your goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the Living Skills Training Program contact Alliance Services for TBI at 866-915-7837.   ​

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