What are the costs of your home care services?

Every person is different, especially when it comes to health and what type of home care is needed. The exact cost of care needs to be based on listening to you, your family, your doctor, and observing your individual situation. Every family we serve receives a Custom Care Plan specific to their needs and budget. Several factors help determine the exact cost:
Number of hours of care per week Level of home care services received (non-medical, skilled nursing, etc.) Area of the country where services are provided Our home care services are typically billed on an hourly basis. This makes it easy to make a Custom Care Plan for you. To discuss the exact rates for the services you may need, contact our office. We’ll set up an in-home consultation to begin discussing a Custom Care Plan and the rates for each service on your plan.

We recommend an initial in-home care evaluation for each individual client. Often, these evaluations are done by the local Alliance Services office at no charge. Based on the in-home evaluation, a service plan is then developed to best meet the needs of the individual. It can include a little bit of assistance up to around-the-clock assistance. We always provide a written rate sheet prior to initiating care services. Rates will never be increased without at least thirty days notice. Charges are fairly based on quality care and individual needs. Please give our Alliance Services office a call to schedule an in-home evaluation or to request more information.

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